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Tips for when choosing your Gown


We know the bridal experience can be overwhelming for some, but it can also be enjoyable! Taking a large entourage can lead to, too many confusing opinions, you know the saying “too many cooks can spoil the broth”! Take a few close friends or loved ones that will support you with whatever decision you might make. So you won’t be overwhelmed. This should be a happy experience!

Let your style consultant know what budget you are working with! Know your limit stay within it.. Do diligent research on your favourite designers and know their cost before going into the appointment an end up leaving disappointed. Also, Remember the dreaded taxes and alteration.

Know your wedding theme! Walk with pictures of the dresses you fell in love with while doing your research. I see a lot of brides make this mistake, having an barn wedding and selected a ball gown.

Be conscious of your body type, and know what flatters you! God knows what body contour he gave you, so find a dress that compliments your beauty.

Timeline for dress fitting and alterations! Walk with the proper under garments that you will wear on your wedding day. Over eating on the day of fitting can cause you, not to like the fit or you won’t like what you see in the mirror. Eat healthy!!! You don’t want to order a size 6 and then end up a size 10 or a 12 and be a 14!

Choose accessories that compliments your dress! You don’t want to over kill or under state your gown.

Walk with the shoes you know, you are going to wear down the isle! I see a lot of brides holding up their gowns trying not to trip over it, when her eyes should be on the groom.

Most importantly know that you are fearfully and wonderfully made by God!

Happy Shopping

The Gift of Giving

Bienvenue Everyone !
To all our beautiful brides to be, today I would like to discuss the significance of  the two letter word “Gift Giving”. Giving is one of the most pratical acts of love. Christ performed the ultimate act of love by giving us the gift of grace and eternal life by giving up himself to pay the price for our wrong-doings. Such a powerful illustration of giving. I love Gift Giving! I give gifts just to seeing someone I care about smile. So when choosing a gift, remember that it’s the thought that counts! Because your bridal party may consist of your close BFF’s and your dear family, who all may very well have a special role to play in your lives.
 A little illustration for both sides, BRIDE: “Susan  is your BFF who has been your friend from the 3rd grade that kissed your CRUSH Josh…lol…” Oh and GROOM:  Adam your BFF has been your hangout Dude in the college dorm,—” keeping scores.” Remember those days?
However they came, its all memories and they all make you laugh or bust into tears. Its of the utmost respect to make your party feel loved. Everyone is unique and special in their own way, so choose a gift that’s worth giving and they will know it came from the heart!
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Remember to Make Their Day Count! Contact us for your gift giving ideas.

For the love of shoes!

I must confess I have a shoe fetish!!! Or as my girlfriends might say I am a Shoe-Aholic! Nothing makes me happier than when I go into the mall and come out with a gorgeous pair of shoes that speaks to my feet. It’s soft, comfortable and most of all stylish, just what the shoe doctor ordered.
I guess you should know the exact feeling i get, the sense of joy when you walk into a shoe store and you see that pair of shoes that speaks to your feet and you just must have it? It’s that feeling that you owe it not only too yourself  to buy that georgous shoe but also your feet. You then end up leaving not with just one but; two or three pairs in the same style different colors. I know the feeling! Choosing the right shoe on your special day will not only complete your entire look, but also make a statement! If you are stuck and can’t think of something blue why not rock it in your shoes?

Here are some bridal shoes by: Monolo Blahnik‏, Jimmy Choo and Christian louboutin‏.

Contact us today if you need a buddy for shoe shopping!
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