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Wedluxe 2014

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“Star Gazing” Attire

Hello my fashionistas,

I have been observing a handful of Hollywood’s most admired Gents and Ladies.  At this year’s Oscars the fashion trends were outstanding to watch,  from both males and females . I must say they were all quite prominent. However,  I would like to focus my attention on some high fashion that might be of interest to you if your trying to pull of a black tie affair that guests can wear to attend your soirée.

Imagine, lights, camera, action: eyes are glaring on your wedding day. Everything looks breathtaking, guests are pouring in, suddenly the question is out, “Who are you wearing today?”

Oscar Moments:
Could it be your dress/ suit style?

Amanda Seyfried is wearing Alexander McQueen
Channing is wearing Gucci
Eddie Redmayne is wearing Alexander McQueen.
Justin Theroux is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo.
Charlize Theron is wearing Christian Dior Haute Couture Dress.

Stars/Role Models :

I am always pleased to see Kate Middleton, Britain’s “Duchess” her appearance is quite graceful which makes her a great role model.

Mitchel Obama “the first lady” her fashion always screams WOW to me, in the most manner able way possible.

Photo Credit: Google Images
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