Selecting Your Venue

Hello Friends,

On this blog we’re talking about selecting your Venue, very important info.


There is a lot to consider when choosing your venue, be aware of location, location, location!!! Another important note, please read venue reviews. You won’t regret it!

Be considerate of your guests travel time.
Ask your venue, If they have free or paid parking( hotels especially).
For your ceremony rehearsal, ask if it would be the same On site manager on the night of rehearsal that would be there on the day of wedding. (Details and Needs sometimes gets lost in translation or just forgotten).
If you are using the same venue for ceremony find out about cost, Find out about sound system/projectors; and if it’s an additional cost!
This might sound crazy but ask if they have enough chairs to accommodate your guest for ceremony space (I have had this happen before, one of our brides hired us of month of coordination…we got there on rehearsal night and I asked the manager if that’s all the chairs they had for ceremony space, and they said no we have more! Day off it turns out they had only 140 chairs on the patio for 250 guest!
Inquire about Wheel chair accessibility, you may have a family member or guest who needs an elevator or ramp.


Having great food is very important, it’s one aspect of your wedding your guests will remember. If you have a set budget, ask Which day works best to stay within it, Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Never be afraid to ask about savings/discounts!! Also proof of insurance and liquor liscense.
Are Vendors and kids meal prices the same as my guest.
Find out if they can cater to your cultural needs! e.g (Kosher catering).
Would they have enough waitstaff per tables so your dinner would not be cold by the time it gets to the table.
If you bring in a traditional family dish would they charge extra for additional china use and service.
See if the venue only works with certain preferred vendors!
Ask caterer about your venue choice, Each venue is different in terms of extra fees for location and space for the caters use!
Some venues Also work with preferred D.J’s . If you have your own D.J, you might have to pay extra plug in fees. Uplighting might be only through their D.J’s also at an additional cost!
What time are vendors allowed to set up.

If due to Any acts of God or family emergency, would my fees be refunded or my date and would it be switched to whenever is convenient and works for venue and me.

Ask about other hidden fees such as, service fees, SOCAN fees, damage, per hour rate if your guest stays to party hard. lol, vendors who didn’t show up on time for tear down, Cake cutting fee, ask if open flame candles are allowed, if there’s another wedding or event on your day, would facilities be shared, and would it be maintained throughout the evening, taxes & gratuities, extra staff, heritage fees.

And most importantly ask if they understand your vision!

There so much more to look for on your contract! Do not hesitate to give us a call.

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