“Star Gazing” Attire

Hello my fashionistas,

I have been observing a handful of Hollywood’s most admired Gents and Ladies.  At this year’s Oscars the fashion trends were outstanding to watch,  from both males and females . I must say they were all quite prominent. However,  I would like to focus my attention on some high fashion that might be of interest to you if your trying to pull of a black tie affair that guests can wear to attend your soirée.

Imagine, lights, camera, action: eyes are glaring on your wedding day. Everything looks breathtaking, guests are pouring in, suddenly the question is out, “Who are you wearing today?”

Oscar Moments:
Could it be your dress/ suit style?

Amanda Seyfried is wearing Alexander McQueen
Channing is wearing Gucci
Eddie Redmayne is wearing Alexander McQueen.
Justin Theroux is wearing Salvatore Ferragamo.
Charlize Theron is wearing Christian Dior Haute Couture Dress.

Stars/Role Models :

I am always pleased to see Kate Middleton, Britain’s “Duchess” her appearance is quite graceful which makes her a great role model.

Mitchel Obama “the first lady” her fashion always screams WOW to me, in the most manner able way possible.

Photo Credit: Google Images
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Hey all,
It has been awhile since we last blogged, have been super busy but it’s never too late…
 Wedding “DETAILS” is the new topic….. I love brides that have a creative flair…. helping them compose unique ideas to their day, makes it more special.  Finding a talented and experienced photographer will help capture memories that will never be forgotten.
Vision: the belongings such as fresh flowers in vintage tea cup, peered with pearls surrounding the saucer, likewise pew cones placed on the Charvi Chairs jacketed with sequience coverings”
Details. Details. Details





(Wedluxe 2013)

Did I mention that I am a “detail freak”…really…I am!
I love it when couples have a tale of what brought them together, that can also create ideas and bring sole and life into their decor.
 Here are some pictures from our recent wedding, the details were captured by “Danielle Appleby Photography” also one of our “newly wedded client.”
 Thank you, Danielle for your beautiful work and a job well done.
Contact us today, we are here to create and capture your story.
Photo credit: Danielle Appleby Photography
Wedding made by:Make My Day Count
Blogger: Lana Andrews-Glasgow

Happy V-Day LOVERS!

It’s all about LOVE.
Happy Valentines Day to all the love bugs, especially our recently married couples, and our Brides-to-be. There is nothing better than spending time with the one that makes your heart melt. Remember to share moments that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.
Photo credit: Google Image
Make everyday your Valentines Day!

Love is in the air…

What are you doing with your special someone for Valentine’s Day?
Photo Credit: Google Images
Please share your most memorable Valentine’s Day moments!
The Bride with the most ” that’s the sweetest thing”
will receive complimentary tickets to The Oringinal Wedding Soirée March 17th
We would love to hear your story…

2013 Cake Trend

What do you think about having donuts as a wedding cake for trend 2013?
By: Paulette’s
What do you think?
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Say I do to the menu!

Hello friends,
Today I would like to share something that is important to me, food! Cooking is also my full time profession. I have work at some prestigious places since I have come, to this our beautiful country, and have come to fall in love with what I do! Brides and Grooms in all the planning… pretty decor, great music; food should also be a very important factor in planning a great wedding.
Remember presentation, presentation, presentation is KEY! People eat with their eyes first and the rest of their four senses. So wow your guests with something that’s different in terms of (taste, flavor and presentation) and create something that’s out of the ordinary that will leave a lasting impression.
Ask your chef to spice up your entree with a punch of color and pair your food with great wine. Food presented on white china always makes it pop! Well that’s all I will share for now, enjoy teasing your eyes with my seared figs, raspberries, reggiano cheese and spring mix salad with a port vinaigrette.
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Salad: Done by Denise Morris
Photo credit: Google Images


Season’s Greetings Everyone, 
Searching for a gown can be thrilling, especially when they all look extraordinaire.
   The appreance of the dress will be excuted, with the perfect headpiece. Its like the expression “Icing on the cake”!
 It converse for itself, like clay that turns into a  master piece when completed by an artist, so is a head piece perfectly handcrafted by the designer.
Trust me, you will know when its yours because the moment that piece goes on, your eyes will be teary and a sigh of contentment will flood your entire being.
Mantilla Veil
Bird cage Veil
Photo credit: Google Images
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Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone, from Make My Day Count to yours!

If we would take just half the measure
Of what we spend on Christmas pleasure
To give to others who have less,
Our love for Jesus we’d express.
What we spend on Christmas stuff
(It’s really way more than enough)
To others can mean so much more
Than trifles we often use it for.
The Bible tells us how to live;
A frequent lesson we read is “give.”
It’s time to spread uncommon cheer;
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

By Joanna Fuchs
Photo credit: google images

Hope you make your Christmas count.

Color trend of 2013!

Greetings all,
Pastel colours are the new and hot trend in the wedding world for 2013! And mint green is one of our favs!! This 1950s colour is back in style and now the talk of the wedding industry.
It is soft, playful and very chic. You can glamorize your wedding and take this trend to the next level. From the tablescape, bridesmaids dress to the invites make it yours in the new year. To help bring this trend to its full popping potenial visit us at Make My Day Count!
Photo credit: Google Images

Its your DAY!

Salut All!
Its your aim.
Every Bride from the age of three playing with “Barbie and Ken dolls,” imagine that they would be having a fairy tale wedding. From the venue to the shoes, its all planned out! Cut outs from magazines all go into the great big book of “My Dream Wedding”.
There are so many  banquet halls, historic houses, hotels, mansions, beautiful gardens and for sure the golf courses, to throw a great wedding celebration. How you amuse your guest is totally up to you! Whether you have a lavish or tranquil wedding remember its your day and your way.
What’s yours!
Why not choose your delightful way to Celebrate.
Banquet Hall
Garden Oasis
Golf course
Photo Credit: Google Images
Where is your aim? Feel free to leave a comment, or contact us to discover your dream spot!

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