Dear to my heart

Tera Van Balien is not only a client, but someone who is very dear to my heart. While attending Kings Christian Colleigate in Oakville, Tera has proven herself to be Dedicated, hardworking, and a lover of the pool. 

We celebrated her victory by hosting an Olympic send off party for holdong 2nd place in the world & 2012 Olympic Qualifer. We are confident that she will make Canada proud by taking first place in the 2012 Olympic in England. Go Tera Go

Professional Styling Shoot

It was a raining day in April and the weather was not co-operating. However, contemplating whether or not we should cancel our style shoot knowing we had already booked the photographer in advance, we kept our fingers crossed and was hoping for the best.
We had three different wardrobes to capture shots of who we are and the image of what a planner should portait… Hope that you enjoy this style shoot as much as we did.
Hugs & Kisses

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