Make My Day Count


Xo From Our Clients

T & A“They say that the ones who are passionate about their work are the best at what they do – actually I don’t know if that’s a saying, but it is true.  To say that Make my Day Count (MMDC) did an amazing job on our wedding day does not do their work justice.  Here is a list of reasons why I believe the quality of their work is worth it:

1. They listen – seems simple; however I find that the wedding business (yes, I say “business” because that is what it has come too) has made a long list of their expectations and they do not leave a lot of room for your own.  MMDC takes the time to listen – allowing them to truly understand the needs and wants of their clients.

2.  Personable –During the initial consultation they are able to really build a connection with their client.  As I walked away from that first meeting I knew I made the right choice.  They made me feel comfortable and secure in my ideas and vision.

3.  Honest/Straight forward people – Personally I don’t know a lot about wedding.  They laid everything out on the table for me; giving me options, ideas all while taking into account my ideas, personality and budget.  I really appreciate someone who is honest and straight forward – it makes things very simple and saves me a lot of time, confusion and stress. On the day of our wedding I wasn’t worried about a thing – I trusted the capabilities of MMDC and I was right.  I can’t thank them enough for all their hard work and dedication – they help make that day the best day of our lives.

Tanya & Arive

D & M“Denise and Lana, thank you so much for basically organizing our lives for our special day. We were one of those extremely picky couples and you two were able to deliver on all fronts. We threw every possible curve ball at you like a candy bar, last minute food decisions, and specific décor that we wanted and you made EVERY right decision and always with a smile on. How you managed to turn a high school gymnasium into a beautifully-covered reception area is beyond our understanding. We enjoyed the surprise of not really seeing the final reception product until the day of, as we entered as a newly-married couple. You both stayed up well into the night putting on the last touches (we saw that first-hand) and were always offering suggestions, but respecting what we had in mind for our day. My wife wanted a Tiffany-themed wedding and that’s exactly what we received. We were overwhelmed by the responses from our guests who couldn’t believe they were sitting in a gymnasium and who couldn’t believe how elegant the place looked. It was nice to work with friends and we are so very blessed to have had you two look after us – how many times did you have to tell us, “Don’t worry”? Haha. We should have listened.”

Melissa & Dmitri

Aaron & AndreaDenise and Lana assisted us in planning and organizing our very detailed outdoor wedding ceremony and reception during the unpredictable, but beautiful autumn month of October. Throughout the planning, they were able to work out the complexities of an home venue with ease and skill, and provided many varied options until we were happy with our choices.

MMDC will assess your desire to to be involved (or not!) and work with you to create the event you are dreaming of. One of the most valuable services they provide is an extensive knowledge of rental services, bridal wholesalers and suppliers, floral distributors, food services, possible venues,- and information on every tiny little detail that is part of a well thought out and planned wedding. They can produce great value for your wedding dollar !
Whatever your dream for your big day, Denise and Lana will certainly be able to be able to help you bring that dream to reality!

Andrea, bride & Carol, mother of the bride

Tina & MichaelWhat can I say about my two angels, Denise and Lana. Where do I begin? Their professionalism, creativity, and soothing nature is what helped me keep my sanity!  I was dealing with a nightmare of a vendor – and they both came to my rescue, and helped redesign my colour scheme before it was too late. My wedding was beautiful. My one regret was not hiring them from the very beginning to deal with all of my vendors. They are smart, and cost efficient and will go above and beyond for their bride and groom!  I cannot stress this enough – they are a dynamic team.  They are kind, and considerate and they are not pushy. I call them my angels, because they really did save me! Love you ladies!

Tina & Michael



Lana was an amazing wedding planner, with creative ideas and stedfast services. She was so efficient, making it easy for me to enjoy my day. I had a list 2 pages long for her to do, and she did MORE than I asked! It’s been almost a year since that beautiful day, and I still have people complimenting me on how elegant and unique my wedding was. Thank you Lana, for making it a memorable event.

Danielle & Andrew

A & MLana and Denise were fabulous. They took care of every little detail, being very thorough. They accompanied us when we visited our vendors, asking the right questions and ensured our wedding went without a hitch. Having their expertise was truly invaluable. They listened to our vision and helped us to execute it flawlessly. It’s been over a year and our friends and family still tell us how much they enjoyed our wedding and it wouldn’t have been the success it was without Lana and Denise’s hard work. We truly appreciate everything they did.

Thank you Lana and Denise for making our wedding so special!

 Andrea & Matt